Our Actions, Inactions and implications 


A pensioner, 

Who should have being three (3) years ago

Fortunately escaped.

Unfortunately now earlier 2017
He wasn’t favoured any longer.
Mans gotta quit working.

This has depressed him since
He’s never liked the idea of staying back home doing nothing.
For some reasons , it didn’t look any better option for him . He said he’s still strong and willing to work again. He will do anything to stand by this disposition.

However, his family thought;

Dear dad , you’re old , you’re almost seventy . Yes you’re strong but what exactly can you do now?
Oh yes you can still do all of these errands and we understand you’d like to take care of us but we’re old now .we can take up this mantle, we’ll survive.

No no no!
I can’t stay home ,I just can’t .I’ve got to work .
For many other reasons ,and unhealthy decisions he had made in his life ,this option as far as he’s still alive must be materialised.

He did everything , frustrated everyone ,it was his way or no way!
Finally he got his way
He started work .
He seem very happy now
Fulfilled ,is he? Maybe

Are you one of those?
Who seek happiness in these material things? , Certificates, companionship etc etc. . .
It’s either you have these or you’d frustrate everyone in getting there
You’re only fulfilled when you have your way?
I hope you become happy with whatever you’re looking for and receiving.
So you get these things and then what?
You go back to apologize to the people who meant good for you?
You enjoy these things all alone?
You’re measuring happiness based on these things?
You must not know what happiness is then.

When people make up their minds
There’s 99% chances they’re not about changing that ,neither are they ready to listen to reason.
It’s final…

We’ve all been here!

In that process of making a statement
Please do not disrespect people who’re clearly interested in your growth and happiness too
Be open minded to understand and be understood.
Be open for discussion, you never know you might grab on a few points here and there.
All wisdom is never found in one man’s head !
Your problems within your unhealthy decisions mustn’t affect others . No one spelled those troubles on you .

In resolving those mistakes ,
Look to seek wisdom , togetherness and love.

On the other side,
If you’re not giving into their needs, know you’re also calling for trouble.
Let people go out there, make mistakes and learn from it.
Do not impose your ideas unto others .
For instance : they want to buy that bag ,you’ve seen it ripped ends they still insist. Let them!
Now get home and prepare to receive their grievances with love.

Pray for understanding
Pray for unity
Pray for love
Pray for wisdom

We don’t see tomorrow, but God gives man reason to reason
Wisdom to understand and analyse situations.
You must use these tools wisely
I don’t hate you if I rebuke you
I don’t envy you if I advise

For the sake of harmony
Let love lead.

We’ll get there!



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