The Vocal Employee

Embracing the revolution of vocal employees on eruptive silencing in our corporate spaces.

A space where I’m hoping to find the audacity to speak up about all bittersweet, toxicity, and vulnerability of our corporate spaces and the extensions of our individual lives.
With experiences that can sharpen the edges of our sword – that which I’m unsure I can carry alone….

While I think of myself as one who fights for the voiceless and quite frankly I have such days.

This space is where we come and have the heart-to-heart conversations about what should have been a sturdy growth in our lives, suddenly disrupting into chaos and negativity.

This is our opportune time to orient ourselves on the very necessities of our corporate environment and reasons to thrive.

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TVEP – Catch Up 2022 The Vocal Employee

Happy New Year! We're glad you've stuck with us all these moments and have anticipated for episodes week after week. This we say; Thank you for your constant support and listenership. Let's learn, improve and collaborate more this year.. To continuous growth and openness! #BeVocal #TheVocalEmployee #CatchUp2022 #TheAmaEphya #AppreciationPost
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