Like the butterflies and diamonds ,Be patient!

One time I was on my way to Medie. You know how far that place is from Accra . And then I picked this trotro heading to Domi but he had mentioned they’ll Pass through Achimota where I usually like to pick my Nsawam bus from the new station..

I get in this bus with my cousin Lydia. Just then I hear the talk about where to drop two other girls who’re not going the majority of the passenger’s route..
While I thought,this can’t be us
We just got in

Lo and behold we get to Perez ,Dzorwulu and this guy’s like
Get off here ,you’d get new station here .

No way! I wasn’t pissed !
Like man ! If you knew you weren’t going my direction,why did you ask me to get in then?

And he took 2 thirds of the fare to the station…
Fine pretty mannered girl , I just asked that we get off the bus…

And I really didn’t insult him in my head … I really didn’t ! ???

Trotro Wahala!

You will definitely agree with me some of these guys are literally mad !???
And up to no good and little cheats

Right there in my anger , I Got a tap from behind , check who wants to incur the wrath of the gods?
In this sensational state of anxiety?

Oh! it was a 12 year old who’d lost her way !
There I was humbled, speaking to her I could understand that situation had to occur to have us help her!
We were her angels

Hey there! ?

I was happy to take her to Achimota New station where she’d equally get her bus home …
After the encounter ,I said no word about the “mate’s attitude” but the essence of the act which absolutely humbled me .

You see everything happens for a reason!

Another encounter as I sat in a bus going home,

An old man followed and pitched the front seat ,there a lady came wanting to sit close to him .
He’s quite old and weak , that whole activity of getting off so the lady takes the seat next to the driver was a whole exercise for him so no show .
She came to the back seat .

Now an older guy walks in and asks the old man to do the previous exercise he couldn’t afford to do .
So strong man , finds a way to sit close to the driver and he keeps this man company.
In the bus they both were engaged in conversations.
What I find interesting, is that , this man was going the same direction as the old man who didn’t seem to know where exactly he’d alight only to get there and point at it .
So yay!
He’s going his direction , they both came down , holds this old man with care and cross the road together. . .

Lesson from the story,

You really should come to believe everything happens for a reason ,if the lady had sat by him ,she wouldn’t be the one to help him since she got off before him .
He would have gotten off on his own – gone alone
Who knows what would have happened to him ?
God wouldn’t want anything to happen to him so
He finds him a helper !
Allow self to be a help meet for someone …
He could have been mad and found another seat ,truth is he was meant to be there!


Let go everything
Do not be too hard on yourself
Think not too much

Analyze where you must

Understand where necessary
Let God

Its April 1st, what’s your mantra for the Now and beyond?Any goals yet?

Well mine is “to get out there ,speak to random people ,laugh at and with ,make friends, interact more ,be vulnerable as possible ,just LIVE! ?

From my deepest heart, I wish you all the happiness that ever is and will be !!! ❤❤❤

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