I am human
Humane enough to understand and be understood.

Born on a Friday the 4th August 19…, my grandma decided it was prudent my identity be changed from one who’s identified as a Friday born to a Saturday born on the basis of our association with the Seventh Day Adventist faith.

I grew up and I also decided, I will not be able to organize another christening and so my socials would have to take that blend of confusion + identity restructuring ( I hope you can understand) lol
Hence @Ama_Ephya

Julia Nana-Fosua Dampare is my full government name. I am a talkative who’s barely out of conversations/ topics to talk about – You know its never a bad day hanging with me except when you need your quiet, I can try!

My life isn’t any full/ half-filled. It’s existing, its nurturing, its growing and its making impacts; however SMALL.

I am inspired by experiences, foreseen and unforeseen events, desperately willing to evoke change in my life and the lives of the people I meet.

I am a creative who forget sometimes. My interest lies in creative arts, diplomacy, communication, advertising, public relations and international relations.
I am a WILD advocate for SPEAKING UP, Women and children affairs, Fighting for creatives’ rights and community.

This space, a portal to grow my mastermind where passion runs consistent in my zeal to explore unwatered grounds, build this table and invite other equally yoked builders to dine with me.