After Quarantine


Time heals all wounds hasn’t been truer words for these heartache moments with Covid19

We’re forced to believe we had so little time to do all that we wished for

Time is of the essence and yet we’re locked up behind our phones connecting one to another for a treacherous disease as isolation and self quarantine

We’re gradually understanding the importance of human connections, collective responsibility and social cordiality.

We’ve made milestones towards recovery, survival, success and a knack for innovative creativity within our very fields and interests as humanity

That job we almost lost an arm for months ago, should have led us right anyways

That car we cried a river to obtain is lying in the garage hopeless and hungry for some oil to function once again. Yet owners like yourselves have shut its ability to exercise its life span

Whose responsibility was it?

Who could change the mode of action so fast?

You and I

Sadly, we forget our power and run back into insanity once nature is halfway assured we’ve learnt the lesson

Thus our power to change

Our power to be malleable and supportive towards one another

The power to be understanding that division only sprouts more and more Covid19(s), SARS alike

‘After quarantine’, now our go to phrase each time an offer, a request is suggested.

A post on Twitter I once chanced on read “ my mum said outside will always be there for us and she was wrong”

I think her mum didn’t lie, outside is still outside. We’re the ones who make outside outside.

We realize the human’s power is immense!

Unfortunately, cancelling and postponing dates, hangouts, parties and shows will continue attracting ridicule for missing out

After all, we kinda had and have time.

We move around busily neglecting our humane needs and correspondence as though the other didn’t matter because it seemed we had something better to do

What happened to “something better” today?

It’s on lockdown!

By what?

A mere virus we recklessly decided to ignore.

Each detail of happenings points back to our ethics, mode of conducts, love for one another, high speed to overtake and overlook another.

For what’s the ultimate goal?

That we score points and mark ourselves present over others – those we’ve assumed lazy and unworthy

Now we have no scores to mark but our own sanity after all is done!

Our call to make humanity sane again right now, today, and tomorrow after Quarantine!

Make haste slowly @Ps TK Mensah



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