I am feminine


I am feminine

My attributes are one that distinguishes me from the other species- male

My biological makeup encompasses a roadmap to directive destination

Would you like a turn right or left?

I am feminine

My body moves along the rhythms of my sole which stands above worlds unprovoked

I am feminine

My waist sways left to right according to the beat of my footsteps

I bow down my head in recognition to acceptance and tranquil each chance I get to interact with the earth

Lest I’m called proud and arrogant

I am feminine

I walk briskly with the least consciousness of the world around me

I am not to shuffle my feet lest “villager” my new middle name

I am feminine

Your mirror my mirror

Anyone’s mirror – my mirror for I am expected to be perfect and decent for attraction’s sake

I am feminine

I speak softly and talk less about my achievements lest I appropriate envy amongst my fellow countrywomen

I am feminine

I dare not accept my sexuality openly for fear of being stereotyped a slut and worst aimless bitch!

I am feminine

I walk in groups or individually suggest to men I’d like to hang

I am feminine

I dare not wear anything that comfortably sits below my knee and chest lest I speak Chinese interpreted to men as wanting to be laid or put the family way miserably.

I am feminine

They say my biological clock spans faster than the other species – male

Hence suggestions to settle down by 25

I am to aspire for marriage – I was made a helpmate for male species

I am feminine

Something must be wrong with my Fallopian tubes should this embryo fail -witch

I am feminine

I mustn’t earn more than my husband lest I force him to be insecure and feel less of a man

I rob him off his masculinity

How insanely so!

I am feminine

How dare I fight for equal salary with the male specie- I am no less near capable to compete with his prowess and capacity

I am feminine

I am not allowed an open mind beyond acknowledging a male’s invitation home as just friends and interestingly cannot come out a male’s room clean -Unharmed

I am feminine

Losing my hair indicates a new beginning, one that was once depressing and transcend into indecency

Unfortunately my wants and needs don’t matter

I am feminine

I bleed every month yet I am expected to avail myself each night for a sacrifice to the male misogynist god

I am feminine

I wash my skin as regularly as I must to invite dignitaries below my thighs for pleasure

I am feminine

I am required to see the doctor for all sorts of check ups to satisfy my lords suppositions of being barren!

I am feminine

I subject myself to oppressors rule each time he takes a wild look at my very species, having breached the contract

I am expected to sigh “hmmm” and forgive for our children’s sake

But woe betides that feminine who blinks an eye to the other species in exercising her humanity – “you cheating sluggish bitch” he would castigate her!

I am feminine

I am the least and last to be recognised amidst a bunch of men.

My suggestions are validated by the male specie for sanity and mass male approval and finally – ownership of originality relocated.

I am feminine

It’s been assumed I am incapable and undeserving of my office.

Now I walk the board room full of men ready to take charge, an unpleasant outrage of bossy comments is aired about my unflinching character aftermath – behind my back!

I am feminine

They say the more makeup I wear the more deceptive and dubious my schemes immense – I am equally baffled!

I am feminine

They say I didn’t buy that car on my own

Neither the clothes I wear or anything I ever owe- it must be the other species – male

I am feminine

My celibacy is as a result of bad behaviour in my past. It’s never a healthy decision but camouflage to shield the nasty details

I am feminine

Cooking; my responsibility, shouldn’t be extended to the male species

He works so hard from 6-5 and you’re worst a woman to expect his adult self to be responsible for his feeding – but I thought it’s a survival skill?

(You better feed that big baby!)

I am feminine

I suppress my desires and feelings in acceptance for one whose feelings and desires appears more superior and important to mine.

I am feminine

I am left to care for myself and deal with difficulties because great poundings and depression literally didn’t force me to my reality

I am left to deal with the ramifications of the exercise I engaged with that specie who swore for better or for worst with I under the pretence of love.

How disappointing could I be? – to have borne a female child against his request for a male head – I must be a personal assistant to God

I am feminine

I mustn’t revoke/refuse help from the male species lest I call him incapable and his ego bruised which could strike a terrorist attack

I am to extend praise to the heroes of the moments. Give due to the saviours of our day for they have longed fought for this praise.

I am feminine

My feminism restricts me a chance to rub shoulders with the male specie and worst occupy the earth an equal partner, mate or friend unharmed.

But I am also a feminist

I am not the perceptions we’ve lived by decades ago. I have evolved.

My dreams are valid, my needs are important. I have aspirations as high as no one’s.

I am fierce and as capable as you, but I am not your competition.

I am definitely not displaying the contemporary theatrics of “feminists” whose agenda suggests to condone misandry

But that which champions the cause for equity in opportunities, livelihood and leadership positions.

Equity in all 360 physiological/psychological/emotional/Systemic privileges /Cultural attributes that suggests for harmonious existence

Dynamism in our approach I provoke!

If we laid quiet and spoke less of our injustice system against the unfortunate tagged species “the weaker gender” -Female, we’d ripple the circle and deafen ears will be amplified.

These pertinent issues that needs redressing to create an enabling and well accepting environment for all gender and humankind to thrive fairly and squarely.

I challenge you, conduct an internal self analysis of your perceptions, role and attitudes you’ve exhibited against the female species.

What can you do differently, henceforth?



  1. Relevant message captured in simple words. This a beautiful read.❤️

    In accepting your challenge to undertake an internal self analysis, I don’t think I hold any strong ideas or philosophies that sabotage the potentials of the feminine, young and old. Women, like men, are to be respected regardless.

  2. Woow just woow!!
    How you’re able to capture the toxic masculinity culture and intertwined it with the outrageous standards of society, yet portray it in such a sarcastic manner is so brilliant!! The satire is just perfect!



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