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Hello World!

9th April,2015


A loner struggling to make friends, share ideas and learn new craft was me some five years ago.

From a personal space of grieving, venting and heart pouring at an early stage,my skills got better and the desire to speak up even more through my writing also got aggressive

I’ve lived most of my youthful days under voluntary quarantine. These self isolation, self quarantine days have known me long before our very 2020 reality.

I’d kept diaries in junior high and senior high school. As an autodidact, I learnt of ways to use the Internet at my advancement. Make live my articles, meet and interact with new people.

In my search, I discovered WordPress and Blogger. Eventually I settled for WordPress though I had created accounts on both platforms. I found WordPress a lot more easier and sophisticated with over 1000 free themes, easily manageable as a beginner, highly secured sever and a lot more benefits…

I would usually go to the cafe nearby, look into what I could post off-head until my loving brother “Michael Amoako Dampare” an IT enthusiast now business personnel, bought for me a smart android phone which made customising and posting on the blog easier.

I’d spend hours on designing, changing themes, creating profiles, for days without food. Until I finally decided on “Button 2”

There were days till today, when I was unsure posting or sharing what I’d drafted. Its been a state of unpreparedness or fear readers may not like or understand it. As a result,I have in draft more than I have LIVE on this platform. lol

In 2017, I also got intrigued with digital marketing. After successfully finishing “online digital marketing course with google” I was introduced to canva and desygner. Both are Apps with over 1 million graphic templates which I use to design most of my post covers at no price!

I’ve grown a community of like minds who’re passionate about their personal development, social dispositions and creative arts as much as I am. You have shown an impeccable love for my art since it’s inception.

I couldn’t be ungrateful. We’ve grown together, this is an appreciation and kind reminder the butterfly is still growing out the cocoon and she could only do it exceptionally well with you by her side!

5 years is a milestone!


Another 5 years would celebrate You and I, in what these stars and light wouldn’t miss witnessing.

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  1. Keep up the good works, not everyone is able to keep a page running for 5years straight.
    There’s more to unleash. You really are an inspiration.

  2. Wow!
    This is an absolutely remarkable achievement.
    Congratulations on actively sharing your gift with the world
    Looking forward to seeing you transcend this feat in next 5 years.
    I am so proud you.

  3. Nice. You have grown, congratulation.
    I appreciate you acknowledging the role I played that has brought you this far.
    Keep writing to inspire,inform,motivate and educating your readers.i pray for heavenly Blessings, knowledge and wisdom for you.
    Am proud of you. Happy 5th Anniversary.

  4. Super proud of how far you’ve come with your passion and talent. Happy anniversary ?. Cheers to greater heights!.


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