Self Quarantine at HOME – A popular remedy to Combat COVID-19


But what about them!

They’ve always lived in the street with literally nothing or nowhere to possess as their own

Your gated home is homely enough to house a dog and contain beautiful pieces you bought for yourself because you worked hard for them!

What about them?

Their wages can’t afford them a slice of pizza or worst a kiosk to keep their carefully selected ‘bend down boutique’ safe

You go about your homely duties with no interruptions

You’re in a gated house, all covered and positioned in style – appropriately

But what about them?

What is privacy when public facilities disregard their well-being, respect, dignity and natural inclination for privacy and comfort!

Life’s coin couldn’t favour their choices yet you needn’t blame them

You can’t blame them for their circumstances

Neither does this incite a forceful action from either one of you. I only could petition and call on your majestic humane response to persons overlooked and shortsighted in our society.

What do I suggest?

Churches could open their doors to occupy them at least – Jesus commissioned us to help the needy. Didn’t HE?

School leaders can do same – if schools teach humanitarianism, shouldn’t ‘they’ be benefactors of this claim?

The government could help them travel back home / find a befitting place for them to stay/ lodge similarly to the foreigners and citizens who’ve traveled into the country within the last 14 days with possible threats of the novel Corona virus.

But what about us?

What could you do to support?

Government shouldn’t have to do it all. You can call out for help and there, a voluntary help comes your way unexpectedly.

Wouldn’t you do it for them too?

What’s humanly possible to do for them in this corona infested times?

Precautionary measures have been laid out, yet unfortunately it removes all talks possible to protect and support these people

They’re outliers with no one to speak for them. Well I guess I have a blog to help with that??‍♀️

Do we self quarantine anywhere we regard as home or by the world’s perfect definition and standard of home?

With an opening door, shutters, proper ventilation, a private room for all generational metabolism, a soothing bed with a soft pillow, a travel bag to keep clothes warm and tidy, an artificial ventilation machine, a plate or two, a few groceries to devour once in a while.

Oh not to forget; running water to properly wash their hands, some gloves and alcohol based sanitisers.

What a day it’d be for them

What a blessing you would have been to their lives

What relief and joy seeing strangers share with them their little

God bless your heart for willfully joining this cause.

Where do you find these people?

The neighbor next door, your deprived friend in school/ the office, and for specifics – GO INTO THE STREETS near you.

Hopefully after this horrendous phase is over, we’ll walk the talk in solidarity to fight this bitter war against poverty and sicknesses.

Stay ready!

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  1. The weight of this message is amazing, definitely loved the insight to this perspective where it is unfortunately ignored.

  2. I believe people will take their time to read this inspiring message to effect changes in people’s life. It’s taken me days to read this but I must say; the driven force behind this will effect changes in all of us to put a smile on peoples face . God bless you Dear.


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