I to twenty something chapters

Alive and pained moments

A life to please and accomplish

I have lived not much of my expectations

Most lonely paths

Confused addresses

Unaccountable experiences

Whether we learnt or lost

We can hardly say

It’s been amusing and surprisingly exhausting to think that a goal can be reached

To think of satisfaction when goals are met, my body tends to resist every rhythm of it

In denial we didn’t see it come

In high expectations- it was suddenly unusual

You’re just a vacuum with opportunity to fill that void with whatever seems appealing and satisfying to you.

I haven’t felt

I wish I had

But for ambiguity

We’ll call for clarification.

In retrospective, evolution like did occur in man which I happen to be one is evident in my momentum.

Life, like the years go by eventuate it’s little pieces into whole

Unconsciously we’ve allowed the unknown a chance to familiarise

Steadfastly we have prayed for this day

These moments

These victories

We have won because every tiny sprinkle of tear and sweat nourished our crops

In jubilation we’ll have in mind our hay days

For reflection deserves a hurrah.

The enthusiasm to do more for humanity

The life to share and reach out

Our quota, a requirement yet humanitarian

For God’s sake, we’ll rise!



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