Will My Mistakes Follow Me?


Will you walk out the door and trace the steps of my sole disregarding my privacy and burst out in the middle of nowhere amidst strangers to showcase your disgraceful self?

Or would you sit still with me in my discarded thoughts as though nothing ever happened like the saying goes – shit happens life goes on?

Or would you walk side by side with me through the dark and light guiding my path that one day, next time, tomorrow, the future; I may thread cautiously?

Would you follow me regardless as a yardstick levelling the path and trajectory of these Young ones advocating that they find my mistake a lesson to learn from Cus* indeed from others’ pitfalls do we find cheaper lessons.

Would you remind me of the very full coverage or show snippets well deserving thoughts if acted otherwise would have ended me?

Would you forgive and forget that later my consciousness reminds me of inherent strength I assumed to overcoming trials and hurdles before me?

Would you beat the shit out of me every 2am wondering what mess I have been, what failure I have become?

Would you dampen my spirit and energy and shelf my confidence and knack for openness for fear of repetitive behaviour?

Would you just shy away and fret each chance a soul unconsciously sounds the elements of that which be made ghost amongst persons and structures according to your healing measures?

Would you heal graciously and accept the challenge that though you fell once

Though you had no power or control over the situation you’re only responsible for the narrative disseminated across people, nations and tabloids?

Will my mistakes follow me?

Will they refer me back to sometime five years ago you did that, said that, went there, sat there, stood there on and on and on?

Would they reason with the narrative, “foolishness is bound in the heart of a child”?

That your experience is unique and individual to only you and you only choose the meaning of these encounters to buttress your reality!

You fell once, you’ll rise a million feets above ears and eyes unfazed about negativity.

You press FORWARD!

#Thousand Errors a lesson Forever!

Helplessness is the worst kind of hopelessness!




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