Note To Self


Born an uncertain foetus

Before sprouting your wings

Fully transforming into human -BEING

You were meant to be

You lived

You’re living!

But how much of it?

What? — life!

I see you smile and cry through it all

Everyday you’re forced to choose between life and death

Growth and misery

But your choices, ha!

“You never cease to amaze me “

You’ve heard that a thousand and ten times

Hello to the ones who meant it for good

To the ones who wanted to darken your shine – your laughter conquered the minds so deeply it tore them apart !

Julia Nana-Fosua

Your Nana is a proud Nana

And your mama

She smiles and wonder in joy

Each chance your name and the thought of a baby she once carried strikes her mind

She imagines a girl who’s too young

Yet willing and determined to prove herself

No maybe not prove herself

Be herself!

Express herself freely

But lo and hey

She pauses and wonders how good or any worst this action would be to kinds different or so alike as her

The fear of resulting to nothingness

The shame

The final guilt

That being vulnerable has shed on her life

She’s very afraid!


You’re too consciously awoke

It scares you to live

But you live anyway

Give it your all

And then your heads scrutiny leaves trace off wrongs ,red flags and insecurities

You run helter skelter

You don’t get to live fully!

What Ama

Are you scared of?

Not being good enough?

You’d rather get into it when you’re 100% sure?

You can’t be in an environment which doesn’t feed or motivate you!

You have come a long way

You’ve been hit and dragged

Disvalued ,discredited ,disregarded and disrespected!

wow! You’ve had quite a number of “disses”

What are you made of?

Give up already! — sounds like the rants of the devil

He who has no better intentions for the children of God, but the God we serve proving to be a great God motivates you ,you’re not alone !

Life’s hard – where do you go?

How do you live?

Who do you turn to?

Where do you go for help?

You mustn’t need any such answers, must you?

You’ve hit a cross road and found a rescuing path

Any updates yet?

A mirrors reflector

The past and present

The future ,God is within you

Stumble not!

Those dreams!

Fathom or devalue ?

Unbelievers all over

Critiques outfoxing and blathering
You must have had headaches day after day!
Wondered nights after nights

But the G spot so strong you hardly ever gave a listening duck to the S spot!

That’s the spirit!

Your power

Your potential of changing the world

The zeal of a helpless man ,I can hardly be soaked in

You’re incredible

But your heart
An awakening every moment you encounter a speech , a moment with it
Its so hard! You haven’t mastered her!

Don’t you share a tear no more!

You mustn’t figure everything out .

God’s dream for you ,oversees that which you dream or even imagine for yourself




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