When I say “I do”


I hope I say I do when I mean it

I hope the words comes out not out of pressure but love/ yen

I hope my love allows me freedom to freely embrace my calm when I decide a month to revert — ridiculously not

At my convenience, my boss would put it

I hope the sound of I do scares not my heart to jump into bananas

I hope I stay right beside the gentleman who decides to enchant these words

I hope to shiver a little less when my lips tremble a little more in replying the words

Do you take — Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour?

I hope I allow myself the propensity of exploring all possibilities surrounding this journey of hearts alike

I hope, I really hope …

I fight not the alternative outcome that you wish to envision

I hope I sign off the singles clan and identify as a duo as soon as I know what ignition this is

So I pledge to leave ermm — but can I not leave completely?

Can we still hang out? I mean nvm!

I hope you’ll be patient with the heart that yearns to know you

I hope your lips enunciate courteously where she ticks to be loved, where bamboozled is a fancy word to excite her — how ridiculously the opposite this means!

I hope you’re soaked in patient and in alignment with her kinda love – fairy tales and commune her language.

She may not exactly be aware of her stubbornness neither her indecision

Hey! Her heart can be scary and bumpy!

She’s at wars with beginnings and ends

Envisioning rationally comes not as difficult as it would for others

I hope you mean those vows while you pour into her — Trust ,loyalty,confidence, assurance, hope -FOREVER!

I hope your love lives a thousand years as you’re yet to embrace the art of thinking beyond the doors of her mind

I hope you’re moved by the way she moves

I hope you’re ticked by the way she talks

I hope her melodious voice satisfies your need to be sang to

I hope her voice nullifies the rest – Unheard

I hope you’re stupidly worried about her safety, that she finds home where your arms are

I hope her embrace solidifies her trust in YOU

I hope your strokes epitomises the symbol love between hearts – Kinky stay right above heads unalarmed!

I hope she falls deeply in love with you

Where solitude is a thousand years away from her mind

I hope you mean love when you find her

So I was asked, ”when do you find yourself taking a man home?”

And I answered ”when love finds me and I am in the right capacity as a woman and mother to enlighten a home”

Take all the time you need, love — take it all!



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