Hurt People, hurt people


I have hurt people than I have loved them

I have loved you than I have loved me

Of what difference does this make!

Hurt people hurt people

Our energies may not necessarily ignite sometimes

But our actions we can influence if we’d consciously be aware of them.

I could hurt you again and accuse you for them

You could do worst and apologize as though I lived on these lifeless phrases

They barely touched the vein I thought would usually be appealed to

Why leave vague statements blankly open for suggestions?

Because clarity comes to those who seek it and never ones who hoped for it.

Signs are made clear to direct our paths and decisions

You’re responsible for yourself than humanity’s slogan ever would make sense enough to reach your wounds.

Protect your sanity!

It’s a vicious circle of hurt people living the reality.

But are we sorry?

NB: Read this as one who’s been hurt before and again as one who’ve hurt others.



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