Hey guys ,

God promised us our other halves 

Guess what , I kinda sorta found mine after two thousand years. Interesting huh?  

Say hallelujah and a prayer for her ! 

This journey

I begin

I tread with so much love and confidence 

So I got a boyfriend and we did it !

How on earth could I have waited this long? 

Owwwhhhh finally!!! 

I was at his door .

Unawares, someone pulls me  through that door and it was tragic 

I got kidnapped 

Heeeeeeeelllllllppppppppp !

Thanks for stopping by!

Don’t tell me you are a part of the millions who were lured to come up here for the tittle sake? 

Or those friends who won’t believe Julia will talk about this topic? 

I mean ,what does she know about sex? 

I’ve got to come see 

Or the one who’ve finally got prove this girl is a bad bitch! 

So your ahuh moment got sweetened. 

Sorry , you got pranked.

Please stay ? 
It’s okay to want to read such stories from other blogs , they educate us. Don’t they? 

Tell me they do !

Unfortunately fortunately , this page right here 

I created to help share the Christian faith , social issues , matters of the heart that needs healing , positivity , education, Inspiration and that one platform you’d like to stop by once in a while to feed your thirsty soul any such protein needed for growth… 

In the mean time , 

I turned plus one a few months ago 

I totally love my birthday shoot ,so I thought, why not share them with you ? 

Amazing , isn’t it? 

We’re six days to ending November 2017, what are your plans? My advise,


I appreciate every one of you who spend time to read , digest and explore my stories. I hope that we all find all that we’re looking for .

You’ll find down here a few of my recent blog posts to feed your souls  maybe now , right here ???

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Photo credit:Bansah Photography

Makeup by : The Eighth Butterfly

Thanks for coming 

We had fun, didn’t we? 

Take care now ?



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