A mystery to man
But you, an open book and even better,
A mystery to the thirsty soul

For my heart aches to know you
To explore the depth of your being
My pleasure to patiently grow fond of you
I am a vessel, an empty vessel without your you
Your warmth
Fill me in – me amor
For I long to behold you
Make you
Make us

Your voice
A soothing tingling
My heart
Never at peace without a hello
Your touch and caress
Behold an angel you are!
Breather, Replica, Goddess

The sun
Even a denominator of your beauty,
The beauty of a soulful souls
I want to love
Love that travels no further
But here with you
With me, in my arms
Kisses, cuddles, hugs, HOME!

My love
Never about dying
My heart
Aching to beat of love sick
I love sick every moment I am with you
Every minute I wish for my eyes stuck only on your charm

I can count a billion fears
But the fear of you
Of losing you
Never in my wildest dreams!
My phobia
My forever

Be my perfect
With flaws as wide as the ocean
Be as bad as boner garage
Be worst as my cook
I yearn to taste any such tasteless-full meal
I’d die knowing you adored me
Maybe it’d be best I throw up staying alive for you
For us, this story must live centuries
Let’s live a fairytale,
You’ll kiss me awake and I, at your Beck and call

Let’s reach the fountain’s peak
In unison
Mi Amor
Ser Mio

Let’s make merry with valentine
My adornment
Just complete
Very much perfect
My love is you
For you
And us

Signed ; the man from space
To the wowan who dreams about space.


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