Love, lovely , lovingly

Gorgeous,adorable , beautiful

Love is this feeling ,is that feeling

In your heart of hearts

Am lost, find me!
Why wouldn’t I? Aren’t you?

Don’t lie to me,dear

Do you know this “love”?
I thought as much!
All I hear is words,words and no emotions,sad isn’t it?

Love is no longer love anymore!
Do you doubt this?
Love now hatred,love now misery Love now depressing

I am depressed at the rate it’s depressingly depressing us!

Why won’t we change this?

Why aren’t we changing it?

When will we mean it?

Yes you! And you ,I ask when people? when?

Do mean it whenever you tell it to your father,your mother,your friends,that little girl who loved you truly ,that innocent soul who looks up to you for survival.
Do not take my feelings for granted

Do not take me for a joke!

Please don’t,dont do it dear sir!

I wanna be happy !

I wanna be sound!!

Tell me you don’t want same !!!
>>You little liar !

Of course you do want that and more .
Love is love,no other meaning

Everyone loves love!

When one is loved,all is loved !!!


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