Why Are You Still There?


You can’t deny it

You are in a place, that place, in that situation and you don’t even know how you got there.

Find out, wouldn’t you?

Why are you there?

If not for the fact that I’m here feeding souls who’ve thirst for such ,I wouldn’t be here !

If not for the fact that I’ve committed to doing this to help self and you out there, I definitely won’t be here

So think it again

Figure out why you’re there

Stuck in that situation

And you’re not sure why you’re there

Neither have you received any such answers to your questions

There’s always reasons why we’re found at places , situations , anything! 

If you don’t know

You’re probably,lost !

Ask again

Why are you there?
You haven’t found that answer

Why are you still there ?


You should get out of there…

That could be the answer you’re seeking ! 


Get out of there ! 

I pray this gives you enough reasons to evaluate and understand your situation in perspective.

Do not be so hard on yourself.

Let go and let God

#We’ll get there ! 



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