Age And Substance


Self and age,
I look pretty old
Yet quite young.

Not young anymore
Because I don’t seem to look young to any old fellas
Two , because ,they say and I can promise I do know too much.
Yeah sometimes,

(let’s claim those rights ?)
Received with thanks.

The problem is, what’s the point?
Is there a problem if I’m younger than you think yet I do a great job at whatever job I find?
Is there any such problem if I look mature ,speak mature, wear mature, walk mature ,do mature everything.. (this cracked me up __lol )

Ghanaians , Africans
Please stop this!

Is it the age or the ability to produce and be productive that matters?

When I was 18 , my boss had said to me; Julia, ” I don’t want you telling people you’re 18. Tell them you’re 25 instead”
I looked at him in disbelief.
Like sir, I’m not 25 . I mean I can’t lie about my age. ( I couldn’t do it )

I was scared, I didn’t understand .
I thought it was wrong.
It is wrong but on a thousand thoughts , I’d like to agree with him in 2017.

This system,
The people
Find fault in genuineness and young vibrant individuals.
You’re an envy if you’re different
You can’t be this young and do these things
So they stereotype you

Okay then, if you’re 18, I’d pay you Ghc300 for the same job a 25year old would have received Ghc600
So they cheat you .

If you’re this young then,
I’m sorry I can’t roll with you
So they unfriend you .

Really? that’s an old woman’s brain and body you got there…

Wow!You’re the new cool
I can share you with my wife then
Here, they want to exploit you.

When you say no!
“Who do you think you are, such little girl” disrespectful child .
( I’ve been with bigger women all around the world,You’re an elf. You should thank your stars I noticed you)

Now the competitive self acclaimed unintelligent boss chicks
*Aaaahhh you’re only 18, and you’re *mpayinsem*(Ghanaian dialect, meaning , precocious )
*Eeeiiiii ,ewiase nny3 d3*( Ghanaian dialect,the world isn’t fun/ it’s bitter) ____forgive my direct translation .lol

Now that’s one underlying factor on disregarding, belittling and undermining one’s abilities and it can do alot of damage to the growing child.

For why this is a problem and majority have this mentality, I can’t explain…

Things have changed , kids see and learn so fast these days
I don’t think it should be a problem,
I will be happy to mother a smart ass child . I mean I find for myself a companion to keep me company, what wouldn’t she hear about my day and who said what and whom I bumped into. We’ll have so much fun with each other. You should meet my future daughter

Unfortunately it isn’t acceptable in this part of the continent.
I’m so excited when I meet such intelligent infants who speak so well and are great communicators who are so eager to know with follow up questions back and forth. It’s one interesting experience I never like to miss when I’m in their presence…

So one time, I had invited a friend to church ,
Meet Maame and Nana who came up to us and the conversation;

Nana: aunty, is that your friend?
No replies
Maame to my friend: uncle, will you marry my aunty? No response
Maame again: why you’re not talking? Talk o please talk …

I saw it coming ,he was shuttered!
( They need to be baptized ?)

Age is just a number
Not quite though
Your perception about my ability is a dysfunction
You’ll need to cure self .

It’s good to feel special
When people get excited for your age and capabilities.
You still like to speak the truth always, “ohhh I thought, it was a good thing”

Until I turned plus one a month ago and I decided, no I wouldn’t be young anymore . I mean I’m not young.

I’m a 29 year old,
Intelligent, smart , articulate, sophisticated and beautiful me.
Respect a grown ass woman when you see one .
You should be on your knees when you’d like to say hello ,
Hands behind your back when you’d like a handshake?

Will you change this mindset?

I think you should!

If I can talk the talk and do the job, what’s there to worry?

Thanks for stopping by!

Let’s meet on the other side ?



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