Do Not Play Feelings


You know you’d think you’re just being nice and friendly?

You’re probably not taking another look at the kinda energy and attachment you’re giving out to souls who’ve longed for such.

It feels like !
“Oh My God , yessss this is what I’ve been waiting for ,
Now have me !”

You didn’t think they’d react like this ?
Well they did …

Did you by any chance calculate your steps before the intro and down to the attachment?

We’re social animals
We crave connections, we want to belong to feel a part…

A lot of people wouldn’t be hurt if we all communicated our feelings to one another and arrived at a conclusion.

Becareful the sorts of information and signal you give out there to the other party .
Be sure one hundred and ten percent you’re both ready and down for this
Otherwise ,do not feed souls and run away after they’re full and expect them not to want more the next time.

You wouldn’t have played right!



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