I wanna be a child again .


Mummy ___ Adwoa Agyapongmaa,
will you give me a chance?
Will you give me a try ?
This time I’d come exactly in the ninth month
I promise not to give you so much pain when I want out .

This time when daddy truly wants me
This time daddy would help you take care of me
This time you’d be a happy mother
This time you wouldn’t need to do everything on your own

And this time ,I’d get baby pictures
Where, when I grow ,I’d love to share with friends and family

Aww such cute baby I was,

“they’d say ”
Yes because, I was a happy child

Please do this again
For our sake
For my sake
For memory sake

But mummy,
You need not go through this no more .Why would I want you to go through this again?
That’d be …….
You know what?
I’d take up the mantle and do this
This for you
This for self

And look. . . I did !!!

I did it alone
I became a baby again
All alone

I let myself to being a baby

At the legon gardens
I went
I did
All of the things babies do

And my friend “Codjo” attested to the fact that ,I really am a baby .

It was a nice feeling
I felt afresh
And prepared for the world
I was happy all alone
Swinging and climbing
Moving and going
Hiding and seeking
Laughing and crying
Singing and what else? ?

I sang my heart out
I prayed and I wrote
I promised and I’m keeping it

I let myself and I didn’t regret it
I wish to do this again

But have I conquered my fear of heights?
Fear of failure
Fear of not being good enough?
Fear of the frightful
Fear of showing up

These insecurities and the like
Yay and nay
Nay and on it !

So I met someone
Prosper”, he taught me , encouraged me, kept me company.
And he said to me, ” it is your mind”
Didn’t he just prosper in my life?
Oh yesssss , he did!

I thought to self, it really is my mind playing games and pranks on me saying I’m a failure and an unhappy child .

Bless the day I met him!

So my conviction ,
I’d be a child everyday
Live one day at a time
Play when I want to
Laugh when I want to
Run when I want to
Sing out loud when I want to
And hey ,,,you’d love my voice ?

It’s very easy to allow our minds mislead us to places and thoughts needest not to be .
Conquer self to save self !

One of these days
Just loose yourself on a commercial bus
Wish and hope not to get to your destination anytime soon .

You’d love a long drive out of town on an empty head, not an empty stomach, most definitely freed and unawares
For adventure
Your body
Responding it is

To you.

You should listen sometime,
She needs you
To take a break

The world will always wait for you
But your body
Am sorry ,
Your body wouldn’t .

She hasn’t that length of time ,breath and width .

Let loose sometime!



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