A suicide note


It is my displeasure and excitement to keep you notified on things knowing not of man but God with which has led to my Planned unfortunate death.
I write this as I plan my own sleep
How I’d wish you would
However, am glad I get to do this for myself, by myself in so much anxiety .

To my mother,
So strong of a woman you are ,
You gave birth to me under so much complications and pressure
You did it alone
Thank you so much!

But I’m sorry ,you’re my biggest example ,you did it alone .
I thought to do this on my own too

I never asked you to keep me
I would have been fine a dead baby
I wouldn’t have known any sufferings ,seen nor heard any bitter sweet words

Mum I am tired!
Tired of everything
Tired of being everything I am
Tired of doing it all by myself
Tired of societal pressure
I get frustrated I vent out on everyone !

I wanna vent out on self, this time!
Please let me!
Oh sorry, I’m doing it anyway!

Your life will be fine and sound without me
The people
The things
I leave you
Thank you!

To the one I loved!
My biggest mistake
Was to let you in
At the time I had planned never to let anyone in
But I gave it a chance
Because you spoke differently
Sounded different , looked different
Of course, it was a game for you
Congratulations you won!

This is for you
Your happiness
May my death bring you all of the happiness your heart desires and deserves …

To the world ,
I was different
And you never wanted me anyway!

Let Jesus judge me!



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