So I had a dream


Baby and I
In a commercial bus
The act of aiding and abetting
How can I ?
I asked her to keep mute
Be all out when we get home instead
She asked for a dollar to do that
I wasn’t giving into that
It was about her
Her dignity
Her respect
Her expression to the world
The first
Maybe the last !

Honestly she talks too much
Maybe too much isn’t negative
But to the world it probably is

No one wants to hear it
But I’d love to hear her
Do all that
In her space
In my space

Home !

So I told her doing that
Will make her a criminal
Then she wailed
Saying -why would I say that?

I said I stood for POSITIVITY and self respect
She wailed
While I tease
She asked to retract my statement
I teased again
Then finally I did .

The happy ending
She fell asleep soundly
On my Bossom she slept
Oblivious of where
Not to talk of the how !

Love mama !


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