Day Dreamer


It was at the beach
I was alone
Taking aback at the life I’ve lived

It was hard ,
I still pushed through
this journey

The memories
These memories, haunt my very existence
What would be better? That I never experienced them, or did ,yet cry over them each Night
Each night I get worried
Each night I wished never came
Each night I never want to see

But there ,

There was a shadow
A tap
Your face
Right in mine.
Who are you?
What do you want?
What do you care?

You asked why
Why would I be alone?
Can’t I at least have time alone with myself??

Why are you here?
To torment my already ripped heart ?
To steal my already stolen heart?
Would you help me find it, please?
I never know where it went since the last time he took it.

The feel of your hands on my shoulder, questionable !
Calming !
It felt safe
It felt like all I’ve been waiting for.
But who are you?
How did you get here?

Don’t tell me you’re an angel !
I am no spiritual person .
Your voice
The look in your eyes
Those eyes !! Seductive
Never any different from the ones I’ve seen.

And still though ,I believed you
What was it
What was it that I acted differently?
Did you dare cast a spell on me?

You don’t look innocent !!!

That hug !
I had imagined with the ONE
If I had shared with you ,would have been the end of the world.

Then there was another tap.
Mummy taped
“Take your medicines”, she said

Sorry I have to go,

Until next time
I pray you’re real
I pray you’re good news
I pray you love me TRUE. . .


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