The safest *commodity * you could ever ask for.
In this day and age ,in this entire lifetime
You’re just going to assume and presume everything is in your favor??

What happened to the “life isn’t fair” quote?
Owwhh ,,,you’ve never seen or heard about it .

I pity your little soul dear.
You are sorrowfully pathetic to be this naive and ignorant!!.

NEVER EVER IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE keep mute or for a second assume someone is in agreement with you without asking questions !!
Whether its about a job opportunity, Friendship request, contract …Worst of it all everything LOVEY DOVEY …. (You’d go crazy thinking they liked you too when they actually acted <>)

And I’d be so sad to hear that .I won’t scold you too much ,,,maybe just a little,maybe not at all..!

Love is a two way street !
Being the guy or the girl doesn’t change the system … Its a go come situation
Do not EVER keep your hopes high thinking the girl you like will some day feel the same way about you!

Why would you stoop so low into thinking a girl whom since the very first day you said the phrase “I love you” to ,would automatically want you too??

Its just soo bad!
Are you that desperate??
That’s a mean word !
I command that you NEVER feel that way !!!
Its demeaning ! And Demonic !

You deserve BETTER!
You will know this when you start acting RIGHT
You deserve waaaayyyyy better
You will know you deserve better when you see BETTER !
BETTER is knocking on your door smiling and nearly tearing up on bended knees asking you to look her direction!
Its soo beautiful
Its soo divinely haven !

I want that too
We’re not settling for LESS
I am not settling for LESS Either


You are not settling for less threither!!!

Only know your worth!



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