When I thought 2016 would promise heaven and earth ,it showed such a FAILURE I was !
#Hopeless Situation … Idk who to leave it to !!!
I am shuttered
A very big blow I never imagined will follow
A very big blow I never saw coming !
It did appear ,,it did come ..it is here and am tearing up because I can’t see any hope !
Tell me where do I start?
But what about the plans I had???
Isn’t it worth the effort the time,lord??

Father why?? What then is hope??
What then should I hope for from today??
Until you tell me am going to be this miserable .
Do not forsake me Lord … I said this time without number !!!!
I guess you didn’t hear me ,I guess you were busy with other things quite important too

But I am important lord

Maybe not so important…
However,I need answers !
I want to be able to understand you Lord ..
Talk to me! Am pale already
What’s gonna happen next??

Maybe nothing!!!
Maybe nothing!!!!


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