Our Silly choicy-Selves


Beggars with choices
Isn’t life funny?
I know right!
It sure is !

You know how funny it is when people want you to rather be in the Awkward situation?
I mean. Really?
Why would you do that?
That’s so much insanity ,its crazy man
DONT do that,EVER!!!
I love you too much

I remember one time,on my way home from the office ,I was just around the Accra mall
About crossing the road to the other side to get through the overhead then get a bus home .

In Ghana ,we’ve got these refugees from Liberia who beg in the streets .they actually ask their children to go begging while they,the parents sit back just around the scene anyways and monitor the situation.

I would definitely help whenever I get the chance. what fascinates me about them is their hair ♥
Its just so pretty !
I would kidnap one and shave it all for me *Lool*

So this pretty little girl held me and asked me for money .I wanted to give her money initially but on another thought I decided to get her ice cream because I was thinking she’d use this money to get food anyways .
We got closer to the ice cream seller ,only to find out she wanted money instead ,yet I had gotten the ice cream already. There was no way I could take it back .

She started groaning asking me to give her an additional money plus the ice cream .I refused ,so she handed the ice cream to me hoping that I’d take it and give her money .I left her only to find her following me for the ice cream after a few seconds
It got me giggling for a while .
I was only grateful

It thought me a lesson .
No loads of lessons actually !!!

We are actually beggars in disguise
Real beggars ! PERIOD!!!
We never appreciate anything EVER
May GOD ALMIGHTY forgive us .
Else we’d be wiped out of this world having learnt nothing and achieved nothing at all.

Imagine when you’re ill ,you ask GOD to heal you,when HE does you question HIM as to why you don’t have a job ,when that is been fulfilled ,you Deny HIM HIS tithe and offering …

We are never satisfied ,and that’s human nature
According to social ,we never reach the self actualization point !
But should we?? Is that the point?
Is it supposed to be automatic??
Are we GOD?

Do you just walk up to your boss(human) to ask him to add up your pay because you think you deserve more ??

You don’t say what you Deserves
HE alone determines who deserves what ,when and how!!!
You don’t deserve ANYTHING !

GOD deserves RESPECT!
HE Should OWN it!!!
Where is the FEAR??
Do we even understand that??

If we did,we’d be enthusiastic about HIS GRACIOUS LOVE ! Its Kind .HE never cheats ,HE never Lies!!!

Only in due time ! Accept change ,be willing to want to change !!
Trust HIS perfect TIMING
And HE will Break you through !!!


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